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HCCP Certified

Human resources

East Med Crops’ management capabilities have helped fuel its growth over the years. From the very beginning, investing in and developing talents and leaderships have been one of its top priorities. East Med Crops’ employees are well distributed between the head office, the factory and the three purchasing shops. We always make sure to:

Encourage the participation of all employees into fully completing all tasks in a timely manner and ethical behavior.

Provide an honest, tolerant, and devoted working environment where our employees labor with team spirit towards continuous improvement, education and development.

Promote management principles based on equality and participation.

Develop a team-oriented environment while encouraging continuous improvement and ensuring sufficient training and resources to meet the demands of our business.

Develop a deep bench-strength of managers who understand that success originates from the ability of people to execute multiple growth initiatives.

Ensure that each time a new business is started, a new geography is opened or a new value chain initiative is developed, we are able to employ a core team of leaders and managers who have the capabilities to spearhead the opportunity.


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