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Foundation and development

Following a pathway of continuous growth, we evolved as East Med crops from a single-product, single-country Company in 1993, to a globally integrated supply chain management exporting annually more than 1500 containers of multi-agricultural products extended from North America to Far East Asia. In that process of evolution and development, East Med Crops’ business model has grown  rapidly expanding across 20 products, more than 30 countries and 350 customers. Since our founding, we have remained focused on a single commodity asset class, namely the agriculture compound. This focus has helped us improve and progress our skills over time, build a wider perception into these product markets and consolidate our competitive export and import position in the market. As supply chain managers, we were engaged in the sourcing of different agricultural commodities from the producing countries to final customers in the destination markets. This sourcing and supply involves primary processing, warehousing, transporting, shipping, distributing, marketing and managing simultaneously the risks one can confront at each stage of the supply chain. In the early 2001, we built our new facility for cleaning and grinding spices, which is considered the first in Syria and was enrolled under the quality control strategy in the company. Nowadays, it is of paramount importance for us in the industry to be absolutely sure to buy the right quality at the right time and of course at the right price. Prior supplying to end-users, we as suppliers must know where raw materials originate from. Therefore, a tracing supply system is inevitable to us when purchasing

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