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HCCP Certified

October 2016

” Market Report “

Re. Cumin Seeds:

Demands mixed ranging light to moderate , mostly moderate Although domestic market was steady last week. However, offers are available but with no competitive price as there is no expectation for decreasing in Prices cause the left quantity are becoming limited gradually & still seven months left for the new crop.

Some Roads are disturbed by war which put kind of difficulties in transporting cargo, Export regulations are changing which gives uncertainly for cost calculation. However, all ports are working fine, and containers are exported smoothly.


Re. Anise Seeds:

Demands are low ; offers are available, cargo is also available which enable us to obtain good quality, but in general crop this year is smaller than last year.


Re. Coriander Seeds:

Market is down, demands are weak, good volume of coriander is still available at competitive lower prices.


Re. Nigella Seeds:

Demands are which makes the price stable. However, there is still available quantities, prices are reaching the lowest level since new crop harvest.


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