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HCCP Certified

May 2017

“Market Report”


Re. Cumin seeds :

Harvesting of new crop has been started , almost 25% of harvesting has finished, it is clear now that the crop is big and Syria has the lowest source of cumin price now .Heavy demands are coming into Syria ,local offers are there with big quantities , but it is  effected by weather circumstances  as  rain showers have  spread over  some of  cumin  areas which  effected the color of cumin seeds specially in the northern area  while the rain showers in the middle areas were less and did not effect the color .

The yield Acer  of new crop is different between areas; some are normal some are low   . However , we will be able to  know the actual situation of the yield  when the  harvesting is finished  within 2 weeks .

The first current  arrivals of the  new crop are  still wet , need   one week to be dry   .Ramadan will start  on May 27th  which will effect the production in cleaning machine facilities; as the workers will have less working hours in Ramadan .

Major Roads are less  disturbed by conflicts, but electricity shortage has put  many difficulties, all ports are working fine, and containers are exported smoothly.

The government  regulations of no change, but the volatile  of local currency makes the prices changed .


Re. Anise seeds :

The new crop is small and  less than before  ,  as the planted areas  of new crop  are  less than last year ,but no accurate estimation ,it  will be clear in harvesting time in July, the stock are still there in moderate and low level .

​ Market is slow , demands are moderate, prices are still the same .


Re. Coriander seeds:

Carry over is still available ,demands are  weak , the planted areas  of new crop are  less than  before .


RE. Nigella seeds  :

Market is almost dead, demands are lower than  offers, prices came   down , new crop is good .


Re. Laurel leaves :

New crop is good  this year , offers are available with competitive price  , demands are increasing specially from Arabic  countries & Asia  .


Re. Almond :  

​Available on demands.


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