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Caraway, known as a Persian Cumin, is a biennial herb with a fleshy root and slender, branched stems. Its feather-like leaves are divided into very narrow segments. The plant bears small white flowers. The dried fruits, brown in color and hard and sharp to touch, are consumed as seeds. It is a very common cultivated seed in Syria. Caraway seeds have a pleasant odor, aromatic flavor and sharp taste. They give a warm feeling when kept in the mouth. Although the seeds are native to Western Asia, Europe and Northern Africa, they are cultivated in various parts across the world. Caraway seeds are used in perfumes, soaps and lotions, as a fragrance component.

The plant prefers warm, sunny locations, and well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Caraway is used in desserts, casseroles, curry, and other foods. In Middle Eastern cuisine, caraway pudding is a popular dessert during the month of Ramadan. Caraway fruit oil is also used as a fragrance component in soaps, lotions, and perfumes.

Caraway seeds are used to relieve indigestion, cold, cough, fever, throat infections, appetite loss and gall bladder problems. The seeds strengthen the functions of the stomach. They also provide quick relief from flatulence.

They form an excellent house cleaner for the body and increase the action of the kidneys. Caraway seeds help in maintaining proper heart beat rate, strengthen cardiac muscles, prevent hardening of arteries and veins, lower blood pressure and bring down cholesterol level in the blood. Caraway seed oil helps in removing hookworms from the intestines.

The oil is a good disinfectant and antiseptic and effectively cures infections of colon, digestive system, respiratory system, urinary and excretory system in addition to external infections. Caraway oil, when mixed with alcohol and castor oil, is extremely helpful in the treatment of scabies. The oil helps in increasing milk for lactating mothers, as it enhances both the quantity and the quality of milk.

Oral intake of caraway seed oil is useful in overcoming bad breath or insipid taste. It is useful for ladies suffering from delayed or obstructed menstruations, as it opens up menstruation and gives relief.


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