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Re. Cumin seeds

The market stay stable and firm ; Demand is increasing, and most of it for light green color materials and not for the dark one, which is very few this year, beside many cargo now went into the hands of strong local speculators and local investors, who want to keep it as much as possible to make some profit, when the quantity decreased, seeing the price acted as last year, and gained solid ground depending on the damage on the current crop, and the shallow inventory of previous crop, all the cumin now is harvested and in the cleaning process, and it’s coming in medium pace into the market, we may see more demand in the next couple of weeks as Eid Al Adha is coming nearby from countries celebrating this occasion, the issue of color is disturbing the flow of business, and offers are vary from low prices of dark cumin to high prices of  light green color;

Prices is stable, and in general the activity is picking up as customers grasped the strong movement from International markets especially recently from Turkish crop which has been damaged due to rain in the time of harvesting ,the same scenario of what happened in Syria, but not yet confirm how much is damaged, 20-30% or more!,

their crop was considered to be bigger but because of the rain it’s less than normal crop, harvested there is going and it will be reach an end in the next two weeks, Turkish price shot up more than $500,-/t because of the bad news,

Roads are better now even there is still some roads to the east side disturbed by the war and government export regulations with no change,Syrian pound is strengthening relatively, which impact on all products in general, all ports are working fine.

Re. Anise seeds :

Market is stable; demand is there; harvest is finished, most of the quantities are in the cleaning warehouses now, and it’s offered in medium pace for sales, slower than last year, as carry over was small, even this year crop was expected to be a good crop but a few showers in the main areas of Anise effected the yield and the color, which disturbing the flow of trading, after E.M.C. efforts last year in promoting seeding anise without coriander, we had better results than last year,with less coriander than last year, even we are looking for better quality, also we are trying to promote a natural ways to minimize the using of pesticide, allergens, and chemical fertilizers, and other sources of hazard contamination, anyway, good color anise is available but there is darker colors of considerable price difference,

Turkish Anise crop will be harvested at the end of July and It’s expected to be normal crop, even with the rain which damaged the early planted areas, but hopefully the yield will be good this year, anyway the shadow of unexpected rain during the harvest is haunting the minds of all sector stakeholders,

Re. Coriander seeds:

Market is stable with less volatility than last two weeks, demands are less from outside only from local market, and carry over is there, and local offers are available but at high prices, and the new crop was very small, and most available quantity from old crops and in strong hands, which is holding the prices even local speculation eased, the firmer note from International market with less quantity available in eastern Europe, and firm prices from India, after appreciation of their currency against U.S. currency.

RE. Nigella seeds  :

Market is softer, offers are more than demands, but still local speculators have a strong appetite for this product, to buy on dips, as they have seen in the last two years double and triple current prices, new crop was very small,  Prices from Syria is now competitive, relatively to other origins.

 Re. Caraway :

Market is firm, after a short down trend brought the price for attractive price,

Carry over is there too, demand and offers are there.

Re. Laurel leaves ;

Available on demands  .

Re. Almond ;

​Available on demands.

Also we are exporting herbs including thyme, oregano, sage, Melissa (Lemon verbena ), and rosemary, and Capers.

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