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 Re. Cumin seeds:

Between day and night , The Market turned into bullish market reflecting fundamental news of low yields and damaged crop due to the heavy rain on most of cumin planted areas ,

Offers of new crop are available now but the color and quality is a problem, demands are coming from many places, as the buyer’s were waiting attractive prices at the beginning of the crop and warehouse of vendors are empty, arrivals is increasing on daily basis,

Prices of current crop exceeded the price of old crop, as old crop quality is better than current, Local traders are purchasing heavily, exporters are purchasing but looking for good quality, which is rare with the current circumstances,  our expectations that the price will continue to increase with slower pace than 100$/t a day, the scenario of last year damage happened again with bigger affect.

The international market is increasing and appreciating especially from India, while Turkish crop will be ready end of June.

The war situation affecting areas of harvesting, where people move is limited, but less than before, more roads are opened recently which may put less traffic cost locally, and there is no change on government export regulations all ports are working fine, and stability is there in general.

 Re. Anise seeds :

Market is neutral and the latest rain where good for the crop; demands are moderate; offers of old crop are available, but a few quantities are left,

Price is stable, because of currency factor as Syrian pound is getting stronger, and also as we are approaching the new crop,

Last crop was relatively less and moderate crop, new crop will be available at the beginning of May, the new crop is less than last crop, because of the reasons explained in our previous reports, which mainly related to less human power and least planted areas, but quality this year will be better hopefully,

 Re. Coriander seeds:

Market is stable ,demands are there, local offers of 2016 year are available, price is a little bit higher, effected by with some demands here and there, some Eastern European crop are competing with lower quality and cheaper, Even the Indian crop was relatively small, but there are still goods on the floor from previous crops, price estimate to be stable.

 Re. Nigella seeds  :

Market is stable, demands are more ,as most of the cargo is in a strong hands,

Prices are stable  , and new crop will be less this year as plantation were less due to the Cheap prices

New crop will be available this month, but it’s considered small crop.

 Re. Laurel leaves :

Available on demands  .

Re. Almond :

Available on demands  .

“Also we are exporting Capers & medical herbs including sage, Melissa (Lemon verbena ),thyme, oregano, and rosemary”.

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