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HCCP Certified

February 2017

“Market report”

Re. Cumin Seeds;

Market is​still firm ​, Demands are good , local offers are hardly available in domestic market as the local ​ traders who are holding the cargo now, ​ have no willing to sell  the cargo be​ cause the available quantity has become very limited and it’s still  a long time till next crop ​in May,​​​​beside the extra cost of transportation due to the conflicts, beside the stability of international cumin market price at high level  ​which helped to keep the market firm.

Major Roads are disturbed by conflicts, beside scarcity of fuels, and electricity  which put many difficulties in transporting cargo,  all ports are working fine, and containers are exported smoothly.

Re. Anise Seeds ;

Market is active ​ and prices increased recently​ demands are high ​​ beside the available quantity has become limited in local market ,​ beside the expected planted area will be less than last year as people are having more  struggle to secure the proper finance, and resources for irrigation and transportation.

Re. Coriander Seeds;

Demand ​ is ​weak, and local quantities  are still available, however, prices didn’t come down as Transportation cost is high, and expected planted are is expected to be much smaller than last year.

Re. Nigella Seeds  ;

Demands are ​better now, Local quantities are decreasing, and demand is picking up, beside the cost of transportation is higher than before, so prices moved up recently.


Re. Laurel leaves ; Available on demands.

Re. Almond ; ​available on demand.



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