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HCCP Certified

8 August, 2017

“Market report “

Re. Cumin seeds :

Offer/Demand : even with lower offers than last month, the prices didn’t come down, which refers to two things ;first thing  a big quantity has already been exported, second thing that local farmers and local traders aren’t welling to lower their price,

Major Roads are stable  in general  ; but still  the problem of electricity shortage; all ports are working fine, and containers are exported smoothly but the freight rates  to all destinations had increased significantly .

The government regulations of no change, and the volatile  of local currency is less than before .

Re. Anise seeds:

Offer/Demand : Market is stable, moderate demand, and also local traders who bought at high prices from farmers, are’nt willing to sell their product cheap, less possibility to see lower prices, as the crop has been harvested, and its smaller crop than last year,

This month  the Turkish new crop has a major influence in Anise market.

Re. Coriander seeds:

Market is slow, new crop is small and a lot quantities have been shipped , the local traders who got the goods in cheaper price before are holding the cargo now  which led  to increase in the price, and coriander now is in strong hands .

RE. Nigella seeds  :

Offer/Demand: more demands are coming from Egypt and other Arabic countries ,offers are available , some local speculators are buying in prospective that it is  attractive price.

Re. Laurel leaves :

New crop is good  this year , offers are available with competitive price  , demands are increasing specially from Arabic  countries & Asia  .

Re. Almond :  

​Available on demands.

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