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Re. Cumin seeds:

The market is slow, people are demanding only hand to mouth cargo, which is difficult as offers are more limited than before;

However, Prices came down in the last two weeks, and now it’s stable as local traders, are thinking to hold more the limited left quantities to have a premium for prompt shipment; before the new crop, and as were expecting the Syrian prices followed the Indian cumin price decrease, we may see further decrease in the prices till the new crop started, not knowing how far it can go, as it’s all ruled by the ancient offer and demand occasion,

it’s more certain now that 2017 crop was normal average crop, and

new crop 2018 developments; cumin plants are growing now but still small, even some areas have problem of shortage of water, as March raining was limited, still the plants are looking good,
Plantation was affected by clashes on some areas at the beginning but compensated later; plantation areas are good in general, like last year, maybe wider,
Some Roads are disturbed by some clashes, and there is no change on government export regulations , however, all ports are working fine, and more stability in general,.

Re. Anise seeds :

Market is quiet; demands are moderate ;offers are limited, Last crop was relatively less and moderate crop;

Prices are stable since two months! , and still there is some time left for new season,

Turkish Anise seed is higher than Syrian one ,

New crop development; plantation has finished, and the plantation areas are limited due to  some scarcity of irrigation due to the situation of the country,

Re. Coriander seeds:

Market is stable , demands are less, local offers are available, price is the same, effected by the cheap coriander offered  by eastern Europe 2017 crops, which is cheaper,

Even that Indian crop is less, but there are still goods on the floor from previous crop, price estimate to be stable.

RE. Nigella seeds  :

Market is stable, demands are matching the offers, but most of the cargo is in a strong hands, weren’t expecting a drop in the prices as what happened of last year, and also increase in the price is still possible as we are approaching Ramadan,  new crop developments : plantation areas is moderate, and plants are growing in a good way.

Re. Laurel leaves ;

Available on demands  .

Re. Almond ; 

​Available on demands.

Re. Nigerian Ginger ;    

We are pleased to inform you that our sister company  Burj Commodities Trading located in Dubai is supplying very good quality at very good prices  of Nigerian Ginger old / new crop, if you are interested you can contact Mr. Ali or  you can send it   directly to the  below  email.,

Also we are exporting Capers & medical herbs including sage, Melissa (Lemon verbena ),thyme  and rosemary .

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