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Re. Cumin seeds:

The Market is  starting to be active market ,

Offers of new crop are limited, and demands are  increasing slowly, as everybody is  waiting the picture to be clear within the next two weeks,

Left quantity is limited, and quality is mixed,

Prices of old crop still at the high side for prompt shipment. However, prices aren’t coming down, as the Local traders and exporters are preparing to get into the market, thinking that they will have good opportunity to buy at good levels at the beginning of the crop.

New crop news isn’t encouraging. However, we still need 15-20 days for the harvesting to start, Low pressure weather is approaching areas of cumin seeds next weekend, and some showers and rains came last weekend and damaged some areas of planation. However, the damage is considered limited, it’s crucial to stay alerted in the next two weeks, and not to have the last year scenario, where our crop was damaged at the time of harvest,

The international market is giving different signals especially from India,
The war situation threatening the areas of harvesting, but not in the presence time, Some Roads are disturbed by some clashes, and there is no change on government export regulations .However, all ports are working fine, and stability is there in general,

Re. Anise seeds :

Market is bearish; demands are moderate; offers are available,

Price is easier a little bit, because of currency factor as Syrian pound is getting stronger, and also as we are approaching the new crop,

Last crop was relatively less and moderate crop, new crop will be available at the beginning of May, the new crop is less than last crop, because of the reasons explained in our previous reports,

Re. Coriander seeds:

Market is stable , demands are there, local offers of 2017 year are available, price is the same, effected by the cheap coriander offered  by eastern Europe 2017 crops, which is cheaper, Even the Indian crop  but there are still goods on the floor from previous crop, price estimate to be stable.

Re. Nigella seeds  :

Market is firmer, demands are more ,as most of the cargo is in a strong hands,

Prices are  higher , and new crop will be less this year as planation were less due to the prices,

New crop will be available next month, but it’ll be considerably small crop.

Re. Laurel leaves :

Available on demands  .

 Re. Almond :

​Available on demands.

Re. Nigerian Ginger :    

We are pleased to inform you that our sister company  Burj Commodities Trading located in Dubai is supplying very good quality at very good prices  of Nigerian Ginger old / new crop, if you are interested you can contact Mr. Ali or  you can send it   directly to the  below  email.,


Also we are exporting Capers & medical herbs including sage, Melissa (Lemon verbena ),thyme  and rosemary .

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