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Re. Cumin seeds :

Offer/Demand :  Demands are strong , with lower offers and a very less  available quantity , the price  is further firming . but   still  the Syrian cumin the cheapest source of cumin  worldwide .

Major Roads are stable  in general  ; but still  the problem of electricity shortage in addition to the increase of   energy costs ; all ports are working fine, and containers are exported smoothly but the freight rates  to all destinations have increased significantly .

The government regulations of no change, the Syrian currency is becoming stronger which led to increase in prices in Syria .

Re. Anise seeds :

Offer/Demand : Demands are there, price has increased since last week due to demands & local speculating . Quantity is limited , price is firm .but also  the Syrian anise  is still  the cheapest source of anise  worldwide .

Re. Coriander seeds:

Market is slow, new crop is small and a lot quantities have been shipped , the local traders who got the goods in cheaper price before are holding the cargo now  which led  to increase in the price, and coriander now is in strong hands .


RE. Nigella seeds  :

Offer/Demand: the price has increased due to local speculating &   demands cause its price was  attractive  .offers are available .

Re. Laurel leaves :

New crop is good  this year , offers are available with competitive price  , demands are increasing specially from Arabic  countries & Asia  .

Re. Almond : 

​Available on demands.

Re. Nigerian Ginger :    

We are pleased to inform you that our sister company  Burj Commodities Trading located in Dubai is supplying very good quality at very good prices  of Nigerian Ginger old / new crop, if you are interested you can contact me at this email   or you can send it   directly at my below  email.,




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