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HCCP Certified

15 NOVEMBER, 2017


Re. Cumin seeds ,. 

Although the demands are lower due to competitive prices coming from India , prices in Syria did not  come down; because the available quantities are limited and also the local traders who bought at high price are holding the cargo and  will not sell at low price in addition to that the new crop will not be available till seven months from now .

However, We are expecting the price will be stabilized  with the international  market gradually till the news of Indian crop is available.


Plantation of the new crop will be started next month , and we have to wait till January  to know how much is the size of the  planted areas .

The areas of cumin cultivation are more quiet , but some roads are not stable . The problem of electricity shortage is less worse  than before but energy costs is sill increasing  ; all ports are working fine, and containers are exported smoothly but the freight rates  to some  destinations have increased significantly .

Some new government  laws have facilitated   the export operations as the government is trying to push the export more by declaring easier export regulations . The Syrian currency is stronger which affects  the price to go stronger .

Re.Anise seeds ,.

Demands is still strong , but the market is stable no sharp increase in price  , the difference between the Turkish and Syrian is still big  .No expectation for the price to  go lower soon , because of the situation of the international  market  and also the  local traders are not willing to sell at lower price .

Re.Nigella seeds ,

 Market is still stable on bearish side , offer and demands are few .

Re. Coriander seeds:

Market is stable on bearish side , local speculators who bought large quantities were hit by the reality of large supply internationally .

Re. Laurel leaves :

 The crop is almost finished , the available quality now is lower than before .

Offers are available with competitive price.

Re. Almond :  

​Available on demands.

Re. Nigerian Ginger ,.    

We are pleased to inform you that our sister company  Burj Commodities Trading located in Dubai is supplying very good quality at very good prices  of Nigerian Ginger old / new crop, if you are interested you can contact Mr. Ali or  you can send it   directly to the  below  email.,



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