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HCCP Certified

06 DECEMBER,2017


Re. Cumin seeds ;

Market is sharply increasing and it is very strong , the locale offers are  minimal ,very limited and the good quality is very scarce at the moment , farmers are holding on the left few quantities of cargo  also the local traders so ;as the new crop will not be ready before  6 months from now , besides the demands from  local speculators & exporters are increasing and  making big pressure on cumin prices , the demands are big especially from Asia  and  Latin America ,

The International market of cumin seeds is occupied these days by the  news of  the  sharp increase of Indian cumin seeds due to new rains coming  in Gujarat region  and due to a  sharp increase in the Indian prices as  it is the end of the Indian cumin  season .

The other Syrian factor  posting the prices to go up is the  appreciation of Syrian currency which has appreciated 12% in two days which  affected  directly on  the cost and the price of cumin seeds  .

Even the roads are good and the war situation is slowing down but the cost of transportation is increasing because of the appreciation of Syrian  currency  and there is no change in exporting regulation .

We are expecting that the  prices will not go down in the near future Unless the news of the new Indian cumin crop will  be available in January and if you reviewed  our recent market report  in Nov , you can see we were warning about that the market may come up sharply in any moment because of limited quantities available from  Syria .

 Re.Anise seeds ;

The market is firmer, the demand is moderate with tendency of increase ,the offers are available  but the left  quantity is limited ,Also the appreciation   of Syrian currency is  affecting the price of anise to go up , we may see more decrease at the beginning of the year as the new crop will not be available before  7 to 8 months from now.

Re.Nigella seeds ;

Market is a little bit firmer ,local speculators are purchasing nigella seeds at this level , besides the factor of moderate demands and again the appreciation of the Syrian currency  we are not  expecting  the price to go up soon and  the stokes  in Syria are available but  may be we will see some up and down as the prices nowadays  are at very  attractive level .

Re. Coriander seeds;

Market is quiet ,local offers are limited ,demands are  moderate and again the appreciation  of Syrian currency is also affecting the price to go up  more a little bit  ,we do not expect the price to go up in the short term unless there is some news about any change in the  international  market of coriander.

 Re. Laurel leaves ;

The crop is almost finished , the available quality now is lower than before .

Offers are available with competitive price. 

Re. Almond ; 

​Available on demands.

 Re. Nigerian Ginger ;    

We are pleased to inform you that our sister company  Burj Commodities Trading located in Dubai is supplying very good quality at very good prices  of Nigerian Ginger old / new crop, if you are interested you can contact Mr. Ali or  you can send it   directly to the  below  email.,

Also we are exporting Capers & medical herbs including sage, Melissa (Lemon verbena ),thyme  and rosemary .

 “As prices are changing sharply on daily basis  , these are only indication prices and for firm offers we will communicate directly”. 



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